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Stuart Geiger

Ethnographer and a Principal Investigator
UC-Berkeley Institute for Data Science

Stuart Geiger is a staff ethnographer and a principal investigator at the UC-Berkeley Institute for Data Science. He studies the people, platforms, infrastructures, and institutions that support the production of knowledge, particularly in decentralized and open organizations, including free/open-source software development and scientific research. His work has examined topics including newcomer socialization, community governance, distributed collaboration, invisible work, burnout, career paths, and fairness, accountability, and transparency in machine learning. His Ph.D work at the UC-Berkeley School of Information studied the governance and moderation of Wikipedia, focusing on the social roles of software developers and data scientists. He is a methodological and disciplinary pluralist, integrating approaches from across the humanities, the qualitative and quantitative social sciences, and computer, information, and data science. His work has been published in venues including Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, American Behavioral Scientist, Information, Communication & Society, and Big Data & Society. Stuart is also an instructor with Software Carpentry and the core maintainer of AcademicPages, a GitHub Pages template for personal academic websites.

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