Ryan May

Software Engineer and Python Team Lead
Dopplershift LLC

Ryan May received his bachelors, masters, and doctorate in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. He now works as a software engineer and Python team lead at Unidata, a community service organization providing university partners with meteorological data and software tools. Ryan has been using Python since 2006, starting out as a way to avoid studying for a Ph.D. qualifying exam; since then he has become part of the matplotlib core development team as well as a member of the CartoPy steering committee. While at Unidata, Ryan has taught 19 Python workshops and short courses, including 5 in the last year; he is also a software carpentry instructor. Ryan also works full time on Unidata’s MetPy and Siphon libraries. For recordings of the workshop, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zmvJPB-_Zo&list=PL3W8LGk2BcKleDCL-Mmv9ueNtVoPVQI0y