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Ralf Gommers

Director, Quansight Labs

Ralf has been deeply involved in the SciPy and PyData communities for over a decade. He is a core developer of NumPy, SciPy and PyWavelets, and has contributed widely throughout the SciPy ecosystem. Ralf has been the NumPy release manager for two years, and is currently the SciPy release manager and steering council chair. He served on the NumFOCUS Board of Directors from 2012-2018.

Currently, Ralf is Director of Quansight Labs, which aims to provide a home for a "PyData Core Team" which consists of developers, community managers, designers, and documentation writers who build open-source technology and grow open-source communities around all aspects of the AI and Data Science workflow projects. Previously Ralf has worked in industrial R&D, on topics as diverse as MRI, lithography and forestry.

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