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John Leeman

Leeman Geophysical LLC

John Leeman received bachelors degrees in meteorology and geophysics from the University of Oklahoma and a PhD in geoscience from Penn State. He now works as a software engineer at Unidata, a community service organization serving university partners with meteorological data and software tools. John has been using Python since 2008 and now works full time on Unidata’s open source tools MetPy and Siphon - not only as a software developer, but as a trainer and educational content developer. John has been a teaching assistant for three undergraduate courses, developed a graduate course from scratch and co-taught it (content and video available, and has helped with the development of Unidata’s Python training materials ( John and Ryan have taught ten Python workshops in the last two years. John is a software carpentry instructor and also develops a weekly “MetPy Monday” training post or video on the Unidata developer’s blog (

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