The full program will consist of two days of tutorials followed by three days of presentations, and concludes with two days of developer sprints on projects of interest to attendees.

SciPy 2019 Organizers​

Executive Committee

Conference Co-Chairs:​

  • Serge Rey, University of California, Riverside

  • Corran Webster, Enthought, Inc.


  • Gil Forsyth, Capital One

  • Nelle Varoquaux, Berkeley Institute for Data Science


  • Paul Ivanov, Bloomberg

Birds of a Feather:

  • Matthias Bussonnier, University of California, Merced

  • Lindsey Heagy, University of California, Berkeley


  • Chris Calloway, University of North Carolina

  • Dillon Niederhut

  • David Shupe,  Caltech's IPAC Astronomy Data Center

Financial Aid:

  • Celia Cintas, IBM Research Africa

  • Scott Collis, Argonne National Laboratory

  • Eric Ma, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research


  • Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc, Enthought

  • Allen Downey, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

  • Mike Hearne, USGS


  • Ryan May, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

  • Kuya Takami, Enthought, Inc.


  • Nathan Goldbaum, University of Illinois

  • Melissa Mendonca, Federal University of Santa Catarina 


  • Kyle Niemeyer, Oregon State University

  • Julia Pasquarella, Enthought, Inc.


  • Jill Cowan, Enthought, Inc.


  • Chris Chan, Enthought, Inc.

  • Bill Cowan, Enthought, Inc.

  • Jodi Havranek, Enthought, Inc. 


  • Jill Cowan, Enthought 

  • Kristen Leiser, Enthought

Track & Mini Symposiums Committee Chairs

Data Driven Discoveries

  • Leland McInnes

  • Reshama Shaikh

Sustainability  (Open Source Communities)

  • Andy Terrel

  • Serah Rono

SciPy Tools

  • Thomas Caswell

  • Hannah Aizenman

Earth, Ocean, Geo and Atmospheric Science

  • Scott Collis

  • Jaclyn Saunders

Science Communication through Visualization

  • Chelsea Douglas

  • Madicken Munk

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

  • Olivia Guest

  • Nicolas Rougier

Image Processing

  • Noeska Smit

  • Stefan van der Walt